The sleeping bag can be incredibly warm and light or moisture resistant and super comfortable: depending on how you use it, you can find everything you need on our website. Here are the parameters that will help you choose the sleeping bag that will accompany you during your holiday!


It’s the first choice we have to make because depending on whether you go on feather or synthetic, the performance will change considerably.

Feather. They are the excellence in warmth and compressibility and are therefore the only option available if you sleep at prohibitive temperatures or if you want to put them effortlessly into your backpack. Characterized by a natural insulating power, they are not very suitable for humid conditions.

Synthetic. They are perfect if you sleep in warmer temperatures and can withstand humidity much better than down. They are generally suitable for camping as they are not as comfortable to carry as feather “cousins”.


Right. It is usually preferred by left-handed people, who can open the zip more comfortably with their left arm, but it can also be chosen by right-handed people for other reasons of comfort. Among these there is the preference to have the sleeping bag zipper facing the opening side of the tent, especially when it is very small, or the possibility to combine it with a sleeping bag of the same model with left opening.

Left. The same reasons as above apply, i.e. it is generally preferred by those who use the right hand but, for reasons of practicality, it can also be chosen by a left-handed person.

Central. It is reserved for expedition sleeping bags, for the possibility to use it with the zip partially open even while sitting to eat or cook while you are still very dressed. For reasons of personal preference it can of course also be preferred by those who normally use it in camping, but will have to come to terms with a much higher price range.


Mummy. Perfectly following the shape of the body are the most insulating sleeping bags and therefore suitable for extreme situations, fundamental for those who practice mountaineering and expeditions but also sought after by those who go trekking in the mountains.

Rectangular. Without a doubt they are more comfortable than mummy sleeping bags, but because of their wider shape at foot height they disperse more heat. They are therefore recommended for those who sleep in campsites with non-polar temperatures.


It is a parameter to be taken into consideration if you are on holiday on foot or by bike because it can greatly change the range of luggage and the practicality of travel.

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