The best bath towels: how to choose the right one

The packable towel is one of those essential products to have in the bathroom at home. You can opt for different materials such as a sponge, microfiber, and Egyptian cotton. The weight ranges, the level of softness, and absorption are also variable, without neglecting the wide range of colors available. Let’s see together how to choose the perfect towel capable of giving a personal touch to your bathroom.

A bath towel is an inevitable element in any home and capable of enveloping us in a soft embrace after a shower or a hot bath. Present on the market in sets that include at least two different sizes, there are various types that are distinguished according to the material used for the realization: we go from cotton terry to microfiber and then get to Egyptian cotton. When choosing, however, we must not forget to evaluate the weight, expressed in GPM (gram per square meter) and the level of softness,  absorption, and resistance. It is also important to consider prices and brands, among which Gabel and Bassetti certainly stand out. Always present, this portion of the rectangular fabric is able to furnish the bathroom with style and to dry the body both by padding and rubbing. So let’s look for the best towels available on the market.

The best sets of towels

We’ve selected the top ten towel sets Amazon offers right now. Among the requirements, we have taken into consideration are the brands, the quality of the materials used, and the number of positive reviews that each user has expressed regarding individual products.


The bathroom furniture is tinged with classic textures with this Bassetti set consisting of four terry towels of 420 grams per square meter. The measurements of the face towel and the guest towel correspond to 50 × 100 cm and 30 × 50 cm respectively. Bassetti is synonymous with quality, in fact, users report softness and a pleasant sensation to the touch as its strong point. The detail of the three colored bands is delightful to give a welcoming tone to the environment.


This Gabel towel set in pure cotton terry has a weight of 420 g / m2 and the two items included measure 60 × 100 cm and 40 × 60 cm. It is available in different colors to distinguish the bathroom furniture with a dynamic style while taking care of people’s health as it is free of harmful substances. We recommend washing it in the washing machine at a temperature of 60 ° so as not to affect the softness. According to users, it also passes the dryer test. It is also reported that Gabel towels do not remain wet after use thanks to the high absorbency factor. The quality-price ratio is also considered excellent.