Where to meet the real princes and princesses

Of course, in the modern, for the most part, democratic world, there is no place for the sole rule of the state, but still, people are not yet ready to part with the royal traditions. In Great Britain, Japan, and other monarchical countries, those who are served are proud of the ruling dynasties and treat members of royal families as real stars or even divine envoys. If in the Arab countries, kings and sheiks actually rule the states, and in Asia, they are ruled by rulers, in Europe there has come a period of the monarchy with a human face. Some European princes and princesses quietly roam the streets without security, work in ordinary offices, and even take their children to kindergarten. Today, anyone has a chance to face a member of the royal family, and if they do not repeat the fate of Kate Middleton, so just be photographed with a member of the royal dynasty as a souvenir. Especially for those who want to see the real blue-blooded person, we have compiled a list of places where they can be found most often:

1. At the British Royal Racing

During the famous royal races in the town of Ascot, you can at least look at members of royal families from afar, and if you’re lucky, you can see one of them closer. The concentration of representatives of the most distinguished dynasties of Europe at the races in Ascot just rolls over – the presence of them is mandatory for all British aristocrats, and members of other European houses often come to the competitions at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II

We warn you in advance that attending this event is expensive, even the simplest standing tickets to the Ascot races cost more than 100 euros, and the prices for seats in the lodges go up to several thousand.

2. In Monaco

In the famous nightclubs and yacht clubs of Monte Carlo, you can stumble not only on the representatives of the princely dynasty of Monaco but also on blue-blooded people from other countries. In particular, the Middle Eastern princes, princesses and their relatives love to rest here, but, you know, it is unlikely that they will be able to get closer, the guards will not allow.

Prince of Monaco Albert II and his wife Charlene

The members of the royal dynasties and world-class stars come to Monaco annually for the charity Rose Ball. To get to the ball itself mere mortals, alas, is unlikely to succeed, they say that the guest list is made up personally by the Prince of Monaco Albert and his wife Charlene. But Monaco, a few days before and several days after the event, is one of the best places for celebrity photo-hunting, including royals.

3. In Scandinavia

As you know, the Scandinavians, even the richest, prefer a simple lifestyle and do not really like glamor, and members of royal families are no exception. Despite the highest status and large incomes, the Scandinavian royals tend not to stand out among their fellow citizens, so here you can meet members of royal families just on the street: they walk their dogs, take the crown princes themselves to kindergarten and ride bicycles.

Queen Margaret of Denmark celebrates her 70th birthday with other members of the European royal families

Representatives of the northern European royal families are logical to look for near their places of permanent residence: the Stockholm Royal Palace and the Drottningholm Palace in Sweden, the royal residence of Amalienborg in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Royal Palace in Oslo and the residence of Skaugum in Norway.

4. In New York

Young members of European royal births often prefer the New World – and specifically the United States and especially New York – to the Old. In life overseas, they are attracted not only by the opportunity to get rid of the attention of onlookers and paparazzi, pursuing them at home, but also by the chance to make a career.

Prince of Greece Filippos

For example, the Greek Prince Philip lives in Manhattan and works in the American hedge fund, and the Belgian Prince Amedeo has worked for several years in the office of Deloitte & Touche in New York. Yevgenia, the Princess of York, also lived in this city for some time, while the Swedish Princess Madeleine married the famous financier Chris O’Neal and moved to the United States for good.