Why go to Finland for two hours?

– And if we do not drink some coffee with fish? Article by wildatheartrescue.org.

Great idea! We sit in the car and after 2 hours we are already in Lappeenranta. Fish shops are still closed, but the market in the city center is already living its morning life. We sit at the street table in a small cafe. Hot coffee, a sandwich with a salted fish and, of course, a warm Karelian pie with rice or potatoes, and on top – a thin slice of ham with a tear, melted the cheese and boiled finely chopped egg. Perfectly!

And on the market stalls – which is not! It smells of homemade hot bread, cakes, cookies. That smoked fish. Bright shiny apples warm their red sides in the morning sunshine. Potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes. And here is the mysterious mushrooms – truffles, black and shriveled. It is necessary to touch and smell. Warm and velvet to the touch, and it seems to smell like roasted chestnut. And familiar chanterelles – too, please! And of course – “flea” ranks! There must be slowly and carefully. For any 1-2 euros, you can buy wonderful, beautiful things, without which it is simply not clear how you lived before!

We decided that we will not go shopping: there is no money, and nothing is needed. Just walk. We go down to the river. On the autumn beach is deserted. And a little further, in the fishing line, look! Mushrooms! White! Yes, such strong and beautiful, that it is a pity to pluck! And there still! And there! And where to put? Yes, and you can not take out … Nothing! Fold in jackets and hide, maybe lucky.

And in the shops – no, let’s not go. Well, except in one. Oils buy a piece. And tea. Well, once gone, how not to buy cheese? Well, a little sausage. And the coffee seems to end. You need to take vitamins (they are good here), they take everything, okay, let them be. Finnish red caviar (salted and tender) – there are a couple of cans in the freezer at home, but there will be holidays, but children need to be taken. Pork in the grid – baked in five minutes, take it. Well, mint chocolate, perhaps it is necessary for yourself and your friends. Oh yes! Well soon winter. I almost forgot – 5 liters of windshield washer for the car (at a temperature of -50. So what is it that happens in St. Petersburg? But he is the nicest!) So what else? Well, yes, washing powder, rinse aid and, of course, the well-known dishwashing detergent! A real Piter player will never wash dishes with a product purchased outside of Finland. It is simply indecent! Well, of course, FISH! Salmon, salmon, black shiny eel, fat halibut, some small fish and some other, God knows what her name is. Crude and salty, with pepper and garlic, hot and cold smoked … First, you have to try everything: this one, and that, and another one that bit. Tasty so that it is impossible to choose! Therefore, you buy both this and that!

And then dinner! Right in the store. Finnish ear! Pour yourself. As much as you want! Large chunks of redfish in pink cream and potato islets. Do not come off! And also salad and all kinds of fish. And venison goulash. Phew! It is already impossible to breathe. Everything! Home!

But it turns out that the store has an action: toilet paper is almost for nothing (either 100 rolls in a pack, or 200). Well, how can I not take it ?! Took everything!

When the customs officer at the border tried to open the trunk, packing of toilet paper fell on him. He was frightened and began to close the tailgate, but the number of stuffed things, it did not close. However, the same picture was in each car. And white mushrooms, of course, no one found and selected. And we brought them and cooked soup, and fried!

But the man at the “Mercedes” at the border was still detained. Because when they opened his trunk … it was empty! At all! Only a small piece of meat lay lonely in the corner. He was told menacingly that the products could not be exported! And selected. And another act was made. Well, after all, the truth is – it’s some kind of strange