Wonders of the colored lakes

“… Look at the water. First blue water will flow, then red, then black. And after the black water will flow yellow. That’s when you need to wake me up. The witch dozed off, and the girl began to look at the water. Every hour the water changed its color: first,glowedowed blue, then red, and then black. Finally, the yellow water began to flow, and the girl woke the witch. She jumped up, grabbed the girl by the hair and dipped her into the water. Then the witch led the girl out of the forest, showed me the way home and said goodbye to her. When the girl entered the house, everything began to shine, because the yellow water was golden and the girl also became golden after she bought it … ”

Lake Hiller in Australia

Perhaps this is the most fabulous lake in the world. The water in it is a saturated pink color, and the banks are a salt belt. Everyone who sees the lake wonders about its color. The only true answer to this question is no. Initially, researchers believed that water had such an unnatural hue because of microorganisms and high salt content in it, but later these assumptions were refuted. For tourists, a beautiful legend was invented, saying that in the 17th century one ship was wrecked, during which only one sailor managed to escape. Miraculously, the surviving man was seriously wounded and prayed that his suffering would rather end. Suddenly a man appeared with two jugs, in one of which there was blood, and in the other milk. The stranger alternately poured the contents of the jugs into the lake, causing the water to become pink. The wounded sailor plunged into the lake and was surprised to find that there was no trace of the terrible wounds. By the way, the name of the lake (Healer) is translated from English as “healer”.

Lake Las Salinas de Torrevieja in Spain

The coast of this almost red lake is not very well-groomed, but the water is crystal clear and the bottom is covered with salt crystals. The increased salt content in this reservoir will not allow you not only to drown but to reach the bottom. The color of the lake is due to the presence in it of almost all known chemical elements. Water and mud of the lake are considered healing and are especially useful for diseases of the skin and joints. Locals advise rinsing the sore throat with a salt solution. In summer, the water here is heated to 40 degrees. Instead of sand on the shore lies the evaporated salt.

You do not have to take with you to rinse bottles with clean water, because near the lake there are small accumulations of freshwater.

Lake Jiuzhaigou in China

The color of the “five flowers” ​​lake changes from yellow to dark green. The water here does not freeze even in winter, while the neighboring lakes are covered with a layer of ice.

Initially, it was assumed that there are hot springs at the bottom of the lake, which do not allow it to freeze. However, subsequently, they were never discovered, due to the fact that the entire bottom of the lake is covered with trunks of fallen trees. After many years of research, scientists have managed to find an underwater cave with a tunnel connecting Jiuzhaigou with the neighboring lakes.

Lake Kerid in Iceland

This lake was formed about 3000 years ago in the crater of one of the volcanoes. It has an almost perfect oval shape. The name of the lake is translated from Icelandic as “chan.” The color of the water changes depending on the lighting. The lake is rather shallow, up to 14 meters deep, while its banks rise 55 meters. There are lowlands, which can be approached to the water. The rock that forms the crater of the volcano has a red color, which makes the water in the lake even more fascinating. Inside the volcano, there is wonderful acoustics, which once allowed to hold a concert here. The artists performed on a floating platform in the middle of the lake, while the crater itself played the role of an auditorium.

Lake Sask-Sivash in Crimea

Translated from the Turkic Sasyk-Sivash means “stinking dirt.”

The color of the water is due to the presence of the Dunaliella Salina seaweed in it, the waste products of which change the color of the lake from pink to red-orange. Especially unreal lake looks due to the natural fountains located at its bottom.

The advantage of the lake is also considered to be black silt lining the bottom. With it, successfully treat diseases of the heart and joints. The evaporation of water from the lake in the summer saturate the air with iodine vapor, making it healing for diseases of the respiratory system.

Swimming in amazing colored lakes most likely will not increase the content of precious metals in the body, like in the fairy tale about a golden girl, but unforgettable impressions and pleasure are guaranteed!